Bingo Program: an overview

The first bingo affiliate program I will review is Bingo Program, which promotes and Unlike the two previous programs I talked about for now (Casino Blasters and Gambling Wages), Bingo Program is operated by the actual bingo site owners, meaning that they are not using any network to advertise their bingo affiliate program.

Now like most of the other affiliate programs out there, they offer 2 different revenue structures: revenue share or per acquisition. Again, like most casino affiliate networks, they also reward for referring new webmasters. So let me add, if you are not signed up yet and interested in trying it, please sign-up through my link and support this site, it won’t cost you a penny.

Now let’s see what their commissions look like. Like for any program, right now I am only interested in the cpa structure they offer, so that’s the one I will be describing below and updating when I have news.

Cost per Acquisition
0-149 new players: $120
150 and more: $150

The funny part is I don’t see any clear explanation of what a ‘New player’ is for the CPA program. All I found was this information for the revenue share structure:

1.3 Pay a Referral Fee
We will pay you referral fees on the NET WIN (defined below) we earn from players directed from your site after they open an account with us and wager for real money.

and a bit below:

3a. Revenue Share
You will earn revenue sharing referral fees based on the Net Win of the bingo. Net Win is calculated as follows: NET WIN = BINGO GROSS WIN (deposits minus withdrawals) – FREE BONUS – COMP CREDITS.[…]

So giving the fact that anyways:

[..] when you register as an affiliate at Bingo Program, your commission is set on revenue share basis by default. If you want to change your commission plan to CPA, just contact your Affiliate Manager […]

I emailed them asking them for a better explanation on the site (to be published) for their definition of a ‘new player’ and to ask them to switch my account to the CPA program.

I will let you know what’s happening, hopefully soon. My last email was answered 2 weeks later, they are probably very busy like all the others, right?

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