Casino Affiliate Secrets: revealed! Part 1

Ever heard of Tony Holland? If your answer is no, welcome to the club. This name didn’t mean nothing to me until I discovered that he is another of those ebook writers, you know, the kind of people that made so much money that they want to share their strategies by selling it. Go figure why! I mean if I was making $50,000 a month (like he is saying), I wouldn’t even bother selling a $29.97 ebook on which am giving away 50% in commissions anyways but again, multiply your streams of income to easily multiply your thousands.

Anyways, am not here to put down Casino Affiliates Secrets (by Tony Holland), but to reveal its ‘secrets’. What grabbed my attention in his whole psychological sales letter (one must admit they are pros in writting those!) is the 9000+ gambling related keywords. For a french educated guy like me this is worth over $29.97! just imagine the time I would have to waste looking for those keywords, no thanks! I’d rather give away 1/4th of my hourly income and save those precious hours for more interesting tasks

Ok, he got me with his 9000+ online gambling keywords, so what? That’s how I look at it:
1. Like I said before those keywords are an invaluable asset (for me in particular!)
2. I am sure that he describes all the basic information I wanted to post about every affiliate program out there. Again this saves me time.
3. He will have a list of online gambling directories, news resources, marketing tools, etc. which I will review for you.

I will not continue assuming what he included in his ebook, I’ll just go buy it someday this week when I know I’ll have time to read it. I promess I will write again on the subject, give my opinion and use what I need from it on here. After all, this blog wasn’t just made to list those affiliate programs but to give details of monthly interactions with them and share my experience with everyone, so having this source of information saves a lot of research time.

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