Casino Affiliate Secrets: revealed! Part 2

Last week I mentionned finding by Tony Holland, signing up to his newsletter and intending to buy his ebook. I did it because I wanted those ‘9000 keywords’ and promised to review all my experience. Where am I at today?

Well, I bought the ebook right before starting this post and hoping to get the chance to read it before the end of the week (yes, I am that busy!). But wait a second, am not here just to tell you I purchased it, I want to discuss Tony’s hardcore auto-responder that didn’t spend 24 hours without emailing me since I registered.

Ok, I am not surprised, that’s what this newsletter thing after all is there for, reminding those potentially interested customers of your product and of you. Well, I don’t need to be reminded since I know where I am going and what I will be doing (unlike so many out there) but what I find interesting is to read this free content I was getting and sharing the essential with you.

1st email: The Key to Success as a Casino Affiliate
All online casinos provide incentives for new players and bonuses to regular players as a reward for playing consistently. How about offering them more bonuses for playing through your links? This is guaranteed to increase conversions and commissions.

Wow, I was happy reading this one, I think you guessed why: Guaranteed Gambling’s business model is exactly this. Am I a genius or is he just trying to remind us of what we already know?

2nd email: How to Generate an Unlimited Stream of Traffic!
Giving something of value away is a great way to get gamblers to your web site and to still receive casino commissions regardless if they play though your web site or not.

Hmm, is this what we call useless repetition? Well for someone like me looking to learn something new, yes. Probably not for all the customers he gets, after all the titles are not the same: online success and big traffic are not related at all. This really makes me laugh.

3rd email: How to Create Thousands of Optimized Pages in Minutes!
When you use smart page generating software you can create thousands
of optimized web pages in minutes. The best results I have received is to
build lots of web sites with no more than 500-1000 pages. Doing this will
give you lots more control over your web pages so you can optimize them if you need to. To increase exposure and casino commissions I would seriously look at introducing smart pages into your marketing campaign.

Does it smell fishy? Isn’t that defined in the SEO world as blackhat? I totally understand why he would be mentionning it, but again, you want me to trust your product, show me the nice sides of it first, don’t start with the garbage.

Anyhow, those are the emails I got since then aside from the welcome email. I will keep you updated on the ebook and other emails if I get (which am sure I will) sometime this week.

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