Top sports betting trends of the 2021 year

Here are the main changes and common trends in the 2021st year in sports betting market. Check out the trendy facts in the sphere of online gambling on sports disciplines right away.

Although we are not even in the middle of the current 2021 year, the experts are now ready with their first conclusions regarding what is trendy in sports betting. We have read their opinions and it is very curious to find out that many of the things from the previous years are still the same, while others – totally different.

If you are curious to get to know what’s trendy these days in the field of sports betting, don’t hurry to close this page. Stay with us and learn them below:

  1. The interest in sports bets which are not from the regular sports betting programs, including the live bets has been increased with more than 15%. We are talking about bets that are related with fantasy leagues, virtual sports and even bets on eSports that is nothing else but betting in contests with video games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike.
  2. Still, the top preferred football league in the world is the Premium English football league. The good news is that sports world hasn’t been suspended in the UK although the rate of the pandemic situation there is quite high.
  3. However, football is no longer the only king in the field of sports betting in the internet. The punters seem to become quite smarter and more analytic than they used to be. We see players orient to untraditional disciplines such as cricket, darts and swimming. The interest in these sports disciplines is though only related with sports betting. It is not specifically to these sports disciplines as a whole.
  4. The switching from offline to online gambling, including in sports betting has been still on a very high level. Up to now the expected difference between the new players in offline bookies and the online gambling houses of 25% is reached. The pandemic situation might make it possible for the online bookies to put an even bigger impact on the market.
  5. Live streaming services are better, faster and with fewer bugs than they used to be in the previous year. The players mainly complained about this service for the last past months. According to a survey if an active gambler is not happy about his or her bookmaker in 80% of the cases the problems are related specifically with the provided live streaming services. Up to now nearly 25% of the online betting houses have improved this service in their websites.

We expect, of course, even more to happen in the sports betting industry. We just pray for the Covid-19 not to steal away from us the chance to place sports bets again!

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