Casino Partners: not as expected – Part 2

You most probably read my post ‘Casino Partners: an overview’, the part 1 of this serie, and noticed that I had emailed them just because I wanted to make sure I didn’t skip anything in their terms and conditions or affiliate agreement. Everything on their site (is anyone else also having problems viewing it decently? […]

Casino Partners: an overview – Part 1

One more review for tonight, Casino Partners, a network this time. Casino Partners’ clients are: Casino Tropez, Casino DelRio, Vegas Red, Europa Casino, Titan Poker and Hammers Casino. Let’s have a look together to what they have to offer. Surprise, surprise! The usual revenue share and CPA structure. For the CPA, the only one I […]

ReferBack: an overview

ReferBack is the exclusive casino affiliate program of choice to Belle Rock Gaming (BRG), a super-group of seven world-class Online Casinos and exciting Online Poker Room. These include: River Belle Online Casino, the Gaming Club Online Casino and Poker Room, Lucky Nugget Online Casino, Jackpot City Online Casino, Aces High Online Casino, Showdown Online Casino, […]

Bingo Program: an overview

The first bingo affiliate program I will review is Bingo Program, which promotes and Unlike the two previous programs I talked about for now (Casino Blasters and Gambling Wages), Bingo Program is operated by the actual bingo site owners, meaning that they are not using any network to advertise their bingo affiliate program. […]

Casino Affiliate Secrets: revealed! Part 2

Last week I mentionned finding by Tony Holland, signing up to his newsletter and intending to buy his ebook. I did it because I wanted those ‘9000 keywords’ and promised to review all my experience. Where am I at today? Well, I bought the ebook right before starting this post and hoping to get […]

Casino Affiliate Secrets: revealed! Part 1

Ever heard of Tony Holland? If your answer is no, welcome to the club. This name didn’t mean nothing to me until I discovered that he is another of those ebook writers, you know, the kind of people that made so much money that they want to share their strategies by selling it. Go figure […]

Guaranteed Gambling: a new online gambling resource – Part 2

I had to postpone’s launch because I had some new orders coming in at, my main venture; and when I say main I mean priority. Anyways, one of the sites I just delivered grabbed my attention, and no I am not saying that because its one my biggest customers’ site. What I liked […]

Guaranteed Gambling: a new online gambling resource – Part 1

Ok, you must have all heard of, the site I am currently building and the reason for this blog to exist. Today am going to explain what makes Guaranteed Gambling a unique in its genre online gambling resource, its business model. is a new concept site whereby new players are sent to premium […]

Video Poker In the World of Poker

Poker has fascinated us for decades and the popularity of the game keeps growing on a daily basis. Online video poker is one facet of the game that was inconceivable  only a few decades ago, but is now a reality that seems to surpass many forms of traditional poker. How does video poker fit into […]