3 Best Ways To Defend A Blind

Most players are curious about defending a blind but couldn’t figure it out independently. We have prepared the best strategies that will help you to defend a blind with ease.

The biggest mystery in poker games is how to defend the blind. We recommend you some passive approaches that will help you win like a pro. You may find hundreds and thousands of articles saying defeating blind may get you sucked into a pot that may lead you to be out of the position during post-flop betting. But in this guide, we have mentioned all the possible approaches to winning more cash and minimizing your loss. Visit poker99 online to enjoy the best online poker games.

Here are some tips on how to defeat the blinds.

Small/Big Blinds 

Most players fail to understand that small and big blinds are the terrible positions on the poker table. Wondering why? When you are in the small blind, you tend to get less time to analyze the post-flop round while betting, whereas, during big blind, the situation even gets worse because the forced initial investments get higher. Irrespective of whether you are a new or a professional player, most of the players have to face challenges during these two positions. Most players make the mistake of calling too much without actually having a plan. However, this situation can be tackled, or you can defend your blinds only if you are aware of the condition you are in and read your opponents’ minds.

Essential Position 

The most crucial factor you should consider while defending the blind is none other than the position. It is necessary to know where the raise is coming. As, when it gets closer to the player who is playing at, the last. The pre-flop range is going to rise. If you are that player whose raise is close, your defending range will automatically get into a tighter position.

Similarly, with a button that puts a raise for a player, the condition becomes safer for the player to get, a broader and he or she can defend even if with the weaker cards. The main thing here you must know which type of player is making the raise. The passive players are the least you would need to worry about against the maniacs who can go with any card they have in their hand. 

Blind Defence 

There are still many possibilities that you can win against an aggressive blind stealer. But you would need to follow the right approach, such as you must remember that blind stealers can raise more often. However, you can try to re-raise with something like A-10, A-J, or K-Q to medium pocket pairs like 6-6 or above. It might be risky, but it shows your opponent that you have a strong hand, which puts them under pressure. It also puts you in the first position to continue the bet apart from the flop.

The best way to defeat a blind is by reading the opponents’ minds without guessing your next moves. If you can do so, then you are going to get guaranteed success.

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