What exactly dominoqq is?

Here is a full tutorial that will help you get to know the game dominoqq. Read our guides to meet this form of gambling which is popular not only in Asia anymore, but in the whole world.

Have ever heard of the game domino? You certainly have. Ok, now, let us ask you a bit more different question: do you know something about the game called dominoqq? Or you might have seen it as domino qq? Here’s what the three game names we have pointed you have something in common. Yes, they do link to the old, but gold domino game, but on the other side, dominoqq and domino qq represent the same specific game that used to be more popular in Asia, but recently has made a huge breakthrough in Europe and the States, too.

Dominoqq is a popular Indonesian game with gambling essence and with specifications that relate it to both: domino at one hand, and poker, at the other hand. Most people claim that its terms and conditions are more similar to the poker game, but the appearance of domino elements create another group of people, who believe dominoqq is more of a domino alternative.

The discussion which one statement is truer is pointless. What matters for you, we believe, is how this game can literally change your betting activity. Before making the decision whether to play the game, or no, here’s everything you should know about it:

  1. This game is indeed a form of poker, but it includes a second part that is linked to the traditional domino game of its Chinese version.
  2. The game is mainly available in the gambling websites that are based in Asia. Almost any Indonesian broker will provide you a chance to play it.
  3. Although it is not so familiar in Europe yet, there are already available materials – including videos – where you can find out complete strategies to play the game.
  4. Dominoqq is also a game that might be found in a few physical casinos. The reason why it’s not so popular in real casinos is the fact that in Asia they are usually banned.
  5. The game is very funny and if you find it in your own gambling house, be confident that the company will provide you with materials for learning. It’s because most of the bookies realize the confusing element in the mixture of two general and well-known games.
  6. You can use the following terms as keywords to find the game in the internet, too: Qiu Qiu domino and Indo domino (which comes from Indonesian domino, of course)
  7. According to the stats people who gamble in Indonesia win more money from this form of a poker rather than from traditional Texas or Omaha poker versions.

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