Efficient strategies to select the best bet in poker

Here’s how to manage your bet sizes in poker. Find out a couple of good approaches to implement in your gambling strategy below.

When you play poker there are lots of crucial things you should consider – apart from your general strategy. For instance, if you are a No limit Texas Hold Em lover, then the task to select your bet size is the core of your gambling activity. You might have a sixth sense for these things. Meanwhile, though, some punters prefer to act emotionally or according to the specific situation and the hand they hold. What we have today for you is a set of tested, well-structured and effective tactics to determine the best bet amount.

In case of dry static board texture, better opt for little bets

This is a good approach mostly when the equity denial isn’t that essential. On the other side, the small bets in case of a dry board texture are preferable, because if your opponent plans to fold, he or she will fold no matter what kind of a bet you will call. In other words, there’s no need to make the risk with higher bet amounts. Last, but not least, if you notice that there’s a player who folds regularly on the table, it’s always preferable for you to react with smaller bet amounts when you want to raise the pot.

On the contrary – make big bets in case of wet dynamic boards

This strategy is very important and efficient when the value betting range you have is kind of sensitive to get outdrawn. If you rely on this tactic, you actually get three benefits in a row. First of all, the bigger bet size enables you to get more value, as well as to increase the pot that’s meanwhile potential to become yours. Also, the larger the bet is, the bigger value you can extract right before the turn or river is potential to minimize your good hand. Last, but not least, big bets lead to many folds, which, as you can thing off, is a way to make your bluff winning.

The bet size must depend on the SRP

SRP in poker means stack-to-pot-ratio. This is a very significant term in poker game. It’s also a very crucial factor to have in mind when it comes to select a size for bet. Here’s how: always suggest the future size of the pot and mostly how you will be able to continue calling or at least checking if you want to bluff. If you follow a consistent strategy for progressive bet size increasing, then you can ensure in the folds you expect to receive from the rest players, too.

Use these simple, but very helpful ideas to determine the next size of your bet in your favorite game, poker. On mandatory, though, consider each of the recommendations with your individual playing style.

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