Casino Partners: not as expected – Part 2

You most probably read my post ‘Casino Partners: an overview’, the part 1 of this serie, and noticed that I had emailed them just because I wanted to make sure I didn’t skip anything in their terms and conditions or affiliate agreement.

Everything on their site (is anyone else also having problems viewing it decently? I mean without all the bugs that appear?) had me believe that my business-model would be accepted, but hey, am not always right!

After all I am not deceived because the business-model is such was refused (by the first affiliate manager that was assigned to me and for which I got an email from the ‘boss’ discrediting him the same day). I am frustrated, to say the least, because of their customer support or should I call that: ‘Affiliate Managers’. I don’t even know where they got that title from when they don’t even know how to manage an email!

As a reply to the email I sent (did I mention I got the reply 10 days later?), here is what I received:

Dear jad,
A FAQ article you submitted recently was accepted by our technicians.
Thank you for your contribution!
The article you submitted (which may have been changed by our staff):
We value your input, and welcome further contributions.

And NO I didn’t delete any part of that email, that’s exactly what I got. Now I thought that maybe their script wasn’t working correctly and that the variables weren’t sent (am a programmer too after all), so I went on their site’s faq section but couldn’t see anything new! Was that a random email? Was Josh, or no wait what’s his name (because in a matter of 45 days I already got 3 managers, lol, none actually answered any of my questions), maybe Bobby, actually awake when he sent that?

I will have to give them some more time maybe so they figure out how to work on the inside first. It’s unfortunate that some of the biggest names in the online gambling industry such as DelRio Casino, Casino Tropez or Vegas Red Casino (to only state a few), are so badly represented. I was however able to find one of the venues they advertise (anyways, all the rest are grouped with that one) offered somewhere else for affiliates to promote it. I am happy, at least I won’t have to waste even more time trying to get my simple questions answered.

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